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Why work with us and send us your CV

Privacy and confidentiality

Your reputation is very important – all our dealings are private and confidential. Abiding with the POPI act, you can be sure your personal information is safe and secure on our recruitment platform so you can explore new opportunities with ease.

Personalized Niche Job Matching

By utilizing your industry expertise and our extensive network within the Automotive sector to match your skills and experience to jobs for your career aspirations.

Resume and interview preparation

By working hand in hand to create the very best CV for you, using your current job skills and knowledge, we ensure you make the best impression with a client from the onset. With preparation tips to help you, our valued candidates present yourself effectively and confidently to potential employers when interviewed.

Supportive and transparent communication

Maintain open and transparent communication with candidates, providing regular feedback, updates and support throughout the recruitment process

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Gain access to a wide range of job opportunities within the Automotive industry, both advertised and unadvertised positions

Long-Term Relationship building

By building long-term relationships with you, providing ongoing support, career advice and opportunities for advancement. We will continue to hunt for your desired job until we place you or you find your dream job.


There is absolutely no cost to you, making use of our services is a risk-free and beneficial option for your job search.

The Recruitment Application Process The Recruitment Application Process The Recruitment Application Process

The Recruitment Application Process

Step 1

You apply for any advertised vacancy by sending us your CV, using our portal or via email –

Step 2

If you have the right skillsets and qualify for the job as per the client’s requirements, we will contact you.

Step 3

We will send you our official application form for completion and once you submit all required documents to us, we are ready to build your CV profile.

Step 4

We will carry out due diligence by doing checks and previous employment verifications as well as obtaining proof of criminal clearance and clear credit checks, should the client require this.

Step 5

If our clients needs are met, we may schedule a meeting with you, via our specialized video technology – we will send you the details and links to effect this. This saves you time and money by not having to visit the agency personally and speeds up the process to ensure your CV is presented to our client ASAP.

Step 6

Your CV profile is built into our professional CV format and upon your authorization, we will forward your CV to the client.

Step 7

Whether a good or bad outcome, we will offer you feedback.

Step 8

In the event of an interview, we with guide your negotiations for the best remuneration package, ensure to obtain and forward you the formal offer whilst assisting you with the final step of your resignation.

Step 9

When you start your new journey, we will ensure to support and assist you throughout the process.

Step 10

We will stay in contact with you to ensure you are settling in and enjoying your chosen career path.

Refer & Earn

If you recommend someone to us or alert us to a job opening within the Automotive industry, where we are engaged to provide our services, where we successfully place that referral or fill the vacancy, you will earn extra cash.